USDGC Sparkle Outlaw

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This week with the USDGC in full speed, we felt it was only right to give everyone the opportunity to pick up the same Legacy disc that is in the USDGC players pack. These special discs are the 2017 USDGC Sparkle Outlaws. This series of Sparkle Outlaws are only offered for the Largest of Events and the USDGC is the Perfect place to have them. Legacy Discs is a proud sponsor of this event and we are proud to offer these discs to you.
These Sparkle Outlaws are the best of its kind. The flight path of these Outlaws are very overstable. These discs can be thrown into a headwind and will continue to fight through the wind with distance. They are extremely durable and have a soft grippy feel. Throw these discs with confidence!