Patrick Brown Shattered Phenom

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Patrick Brown on the Shattered Phenom: “After throwing one straight it held the drift the entire time. So if you have a left to right play, they are going to be really good for it… They are great for controlled shots… I’m Looking forward to using these in the woods for Masters' Worlds in Flagstaff.”

The Shattered Phenom is an extremely reliable, straight fairway driver in a fresh run of Pinnacle plastic with metal flakes. For advanced arms, this disc performs easily controllable hyzer flips, turn overs, and pushing hyzers in the 300-375 ft range. For beginner and intermediate arms, the Shattered Phenom provides some extra distance and shot shaping ability without sacrificing control. The plastic’s flexibility and grip inspires confidence.



The Phenom is an 8 speed driver with lots of glide. The Phenom does not stray far from the line you release it on. A slight turn in the beginning of its flight and slightly more fade at the end of its flight makes for pinpoint accuracy.

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