California Firefighter's Olympics Fundraiser Glow Aqua Outlaw

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This week the Legacy Discs Pro shop is proud to present our Glow Outlaw to support the 2017 Firefighter Olympics. 
The Firefighters Olympics began in 1970 as an opportunity for all California Firefighters to get together in friendly competition which promotes physical fitness and provides an informal forum for exchanging ideas. Throughout the years, the Summer Olympics have been held in Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Davis, Irvine, Santa Clara, San Jose, San Diego, Palo Alto, Bakersfield, Santa Ana, Ventura, Concord, Sacramento and Livermore/Pleasanton.  The games are governed by the California Firemen’s Athletic Association, with a local association bidding to be the host and bring the games to their community.

This year, the California Firemen’s Athletic Association (CFAA) has decided to host the 2017 event in San Diego California. Disc Golf will be among the events. The disc Golf competition will be played at Morley Field Disc Golf Course on Monday June 26th at 10 AM

Firefighters across the world risk their lives each day to protect us all. Thank you for your service. 


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