Snakeskin Glow Protege Clutches

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We hope you are all having a wonderful day. The End of the year is here, the Holidays are upon us and the weather is cold. These are the times when our putters are just a little slick on these cold days. Here at Legacy, we have been working on so many different ideas so we thought that we would introduce one of them to you on this week's Legacy Discs Pro Shop. Depending on your feedback we can then decide if it goes into production and off to stores everywhere. so for this week's proshop debut disc, we have for you the Snakeskin Glow Protege Clutch. The Snakeskin is a grip concept for traction and texture on the protege putters that everyone loves. It is a solid ring of a snakeskin texture unlike any other. You can grip your Clutch on any part of the disc and feel the non-slip traction for a feeling of confidence. There is no change in the flight of the disc or its durability. Grip and rip on this new Snakeskin Glow Protege Clutches with Confidence. Enjoy!